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Mission Statement

aesthethika© as a concept was first created by a team of scholars, graduate students and researchers coming from diverse fields of studies both from Argentina and from the US. We have been for many years doing interdisciplinary and international research in areas such as communication, political theory, psychoanalysis, film theory, ethics, performance, human rights and cultural studies.

In aesthethika© we want to put together different traditions of thought that have in common a critical perspective on culture and subjectivity. We understand that the individual subject and the cultural realm can never be disassociated from the social and the political arenas. Hence, our concern is to explore those conjunctures, edges and areas where these problematics stand out.

aesthethika© is an independent, critical and investigative journal, more interested in inquiring than in reifying common judgments. Hence, it becomes a particular place from where to ask questions about disciplines, knowledges and practices that have effects on the psychical and the cultural bodies.

aesthethika© offers an educational and professional scenario to encourage stimulating, interdisciplinary research and theory. We focus on qualitative approaches to culture analysis, subjectivity analyses, and aesthetics. Its emphasis on qualitative, interpretive, and critical/cultural work and its collaborative, international review endeavor characterizes Aesthethika’s perspective as unique among contemporary journals.

Since 2010 aesthethika© is a Journal of the Departament of Ethics, Politics and Technology, Research Institute, School of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires

Copyright/Permisos: Los Editores de mantienen el copyright de Aesthethika. Todos los derechos de los materiales aqui publicados estan reservados. Porciones mínimas de estos escritos pueden ser copiados y citados sin permiso de los editores, siempre y cuando la siguiente nota se adjunte a las copias: "Copyright de Copiado con permiso de los Editores". Este permiso es solo válido para un número reducido de copias del material aquí publicado, y sólo para uso académico o didáctico. A tal fin las copias deben ser 1) gratuitas para los estudiantes/ interesados (2) el material copiado debe incluir la nota antedicha y las referencias bibliográficas.

Current Issue
Volume 14 / Issue 1 Special

Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 
Eduardo Laso 

Be right back
Ana Corinaldesi 

Be right back
Valeria Suque Stecklein 

The Waldo Moment
Paula Mastandrea 

The Waldo Moment
Desiré Conte 
Adelqui Del Do 

White Chrismas
Haydée Montesano 

White Chrismas
Pablo Bronstein 

Giselle Andrea López 

Hated in the Nation
Sebastián Piasek 

USS Callister
Eduardo Laso 

USS Callister
Viviana Carew  

María Elena Domínguez 

Irene Cambra Badii 

Hang the DJ
Delfina Martínez 

Hang the DJ
Elizabeth Ormart 

Hang the DJ
Flavia A. Navés 
Francisco Reos 

Black Museum
María Paula Paragis 


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