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Volume 5 / Issue 1
September 2009
Bioethics and Biopolitics
ISSN 1553-5053


Between 1927 and 1934, Fritz Jahr, a protestant pastor, German phi-losopher and teacher published a number of articles in which he introduced, for the first time, the concept of bioethics. He did this in a visionary way and in dialogue with science, philosophy, and the art of his time (Theodor Fechner, Rudof Eiler, Friedrich Ernst, Daniel Schleiermacher, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Richard Wagner, among others.) He proposed a reshaping of the Kantian imperative in terms of the “bioethical imperative,” which introduced three lines of interest to the contemporary development: (1) set the outlines of ethical premises in animal research, (2) included the ecological agenda in bioethical concerns, (3) established the birth of bioethics related to major scientific, philosophical, aesthetic and political transformations of the latest nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century.


Bioethics Fritz Jahr Kant Zeitgeist

[pp 4-11]

Fritz Jahr and the Zeitgeist of Bioethics

Natacha Salomé Lima

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[pp 4-11]
Fritz Jahr and the Zeitgeist of Bioethics
Natacha Salomé Lima 

[pp 12-20]
Subjective implications involved in the field of scientific research: Responsibility as portrayed in the film “Copenhagen”.
Irene Cambra Badii 

[pp 21-26]
The debate on the term "bioethics", analyzed in a historical and discursive context
Haydée Montesano 


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