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Special Issue
March 2019

ISSN 1553-5053

New possible readings on The Handmaid’s Tale from an ethical perspective

The mandate of birth

The edges of a dystopian future

The female body as an instrument

Modes of response to patriarchal power relations

The Handmaid’s Tale: Different discursive frameworks around the sexuality of women and current problems

A slave state?

Journalistic material
The author of "The Handmaid’s Tale" confirmed that the Argentine dictatorship was one of her influences

Book review
Bodies and families transformed by assisted reproduction techniques

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Current Issue
Volume 19 / Issue 1

Account of the Conquest and Discourse of Discovery
Jean Widmer 

Updating the System; Cognitive Capitalism and Semiocapitalism
Gabriel Eira 

Music, Grief and Diversity
Ignacio Trovato 

A Case of Segregation in a Multiculturalist Metropolis in The Beforeigners Series
Juan Pablo Duarte 

"Crimes of the Future" Close-up of the Body
Mirtha Benítez Ruiz 

The Cuervo Brothers: Everyday Violence Amalgamated in the Illusion of Stability of the Language and the Identity of the Subject
Ana María Fernández Caraballo 
María Ofelia Ros Matturro 

The Witness and the Power of Words
Gervasio Noailles 

A Woman in the Lands DE(l) Salvador
Gabriela Mercadal 

To Peek or not to Peek, That is the Question
Santiago Dechecco 

Fernand Deligny, His Trace in Language
Carolina Kasimierski 


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