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Volume 6 / Issue 2
[gris]April 2011[/gris]
Nachträglich of (bio)ethics
[gris]ISSN 1553-5053[/gris]


The transmission of bioethics usually takes examples from true cases which are not always well received by health professionals. This is due to the fact that on summarizing and presenting it in documentary fashion they are depriving them of the situational pathos. A different methodological approach is therefore proposed, based on the strength of Plato’s dialogues and the literary value of the Greek tragedy. These universal fictions have the advantage of setting in motion mechanisms such as catharsis and others that have been conceptualized by Aristotle in his Poetica. Historical considerations such as Oedipus Rex, also present the possibility of analyzing a different type of responsibility, such as those derived from involuntary acts but that have an effect of the lives of people. Situational examples are proposed with reference to the cinema and classical and contemporary literature.

Ethics and responsability: Ancient Greek lessons for bioethics today

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Nachträglich of (bio)ethics
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Ethics and responsability: Ancient Greek lessons for bioethics today


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