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Mission Statement

aesthethika© as a concept was first created by a team of scholars, graduate students and researchers coming from diverse fields of studies both from Argentina and from the US. We have been for many years doing interdisciplinary and international research in areas such as communication, political theory, psychoanalysis, film theory, ethics, performance, human rights and cultural studies.

In aesthethika© we want to put together different traditions of thought that have in common a critical perspective on culture and subjectivity. We understand that the individual subject and the cultural realm can never be disassociated from the social and the political arenas. Hence, our concern is to explore those conjunctures, edges and areas where these problematics stand out.

aesthethika© is an independent, critical and investigative journal, more interested in inquiring than in reifying common judgments. Hence, it becomes a particular place from where to ask questions about disciplines, knowledges and practices that have effects on the psychical and the cultural bodies.

aesthethika© offers an educational and professional scenario to encourage stimulating, interdisciplinary research and theory. We focus on qualitative approaches to culture analysis, subjectivity analyses, and aesthetics. Its emphasis on qualitative, interpretive, and critical/cultural work and its collaborative, international review endeavor characterizes Aesthethika’s perspective as unique among contemporary journals.

Since 2010 aesthethika© is a Journal of the Departament of Ethics, Politics and Technology, Research Institute, School of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires

Copyright/Permisos: Los/as autores/as conservan los derechos de autor © y permiten la publicación a Aesthethika, bajo licencia CC BY-SA / Reconocimiento - Reconocimiento-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional. La adopción de esta licencia permite copiar, redistribuir, comunicar públicamente la obra, reconociendo los créditos de la misma, y construir sobre el material publicado, debiendo otorgar el crédito apropiado a través de un enlace a la licencia e indicando si se realizaron cambios.

Número Actual
Volumen 19 / Número 2
Editorial [pp. 1-3]
¿Sabiduría Artificial?
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña y Eduardo Laso 
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[pp. 5-11]
Théo Lucciardi 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 13-28]
La inteligencia artificial en el cine
Eduardo Laso con la colaboración de Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 29-40]
Virus y metáforas zombi
Gabriel Eira 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 41-47]
Bioética e Integración de la Inteligencia Artificial en la Medicina
Gonzalo Alejandro Frez Pulgar 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 49-56]
¿Operarios impasibles?
Boris Julián Pinto Bustamante 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 57-61]
Ich bin dein Mensch
Juan Eduardo Tesone 
[Descargar PDF]
[pp. 63-65]
Inteligencia Artificial: Pinocho dos mil años luz
Juan Jorge Michel Fariña 
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[pp. 67-74]
Eduardo Laso 
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Reseña de libro [pp. 75-77]
Una apuesta para una Escuela
Gigliola Foco 
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Reseña [pp. 79-81]
Black & White
Isabel Saraiva 
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