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Volume 18 / Issue 1
June 2022
New Amsterdam
ISSN 1553-5053


This study aims to outline a parallelism between infertility and cancer based on the comparison of the available bibliography with the New Amsterdam series, while attempting to answer the following questions: what points do both diseases have in common? What is the difference between them? What role can we adopt from psychology and the community? Following this line, it was found that both put coping mechanisms into operation since they are chronic diseases that trigger a great emotional impact and changes in daily life. Likewise, infertility differs from cancer in that it does not present associated pain, there is no threat to survival and it does not affect the functionality of any organ (Antequera et al, 2008). These results lead to propose an equivalence in interventions, mainly psychoeducational, which can be applied both by health professionals and by members of the community, and which would result in: greater adherence to treatment, a more active role from the patient in decision-making, a greater feeling of control over their own life, among others.

Key words: Infertility | Cancer | New Amsterdam | Psychoeducation

From Terminal Illnesses to Infertility: Convergences and Disagreements

Universidad de Buenos Aires

This article is, for the time being, only available in Spanish: De las enfermedades terminales a la infertilidad: convergencias y desencuentros

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