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Volume 18 / Issue 1
June 2022
New Amsterdam
ISSN 1553-5053


Fiction shares a more diffuse border with reality every day. Assisted human reproduction techniques are a type of biotechnology that becomes a reality in real and fictional settings, allowing many people to fulfill their desire to start a family. However, such techniques are not free of obstacles, one of them is the very human subjectivity as a horizon of bioethical decisions. The question of the biological bond with progeny is something so ingrained that it is difficult to think of filial bonds outside of biology. Next, two chapters of the series "New Amsterdam" will be analyzed in which it is evident how kinship ties are disrupted by the irruption of assisted reproduction techniques. Likewise, we observe the subjective impact that these generate on the characters in the strip who are doctors, from different specialties, who encounter bioethical dilemmas linked to the beginning of life. The person in charge of intervening in these scenarios is the staff psychologist at Hospital "Iggy" who in turn has an equal partner and has formed a family with him. These two interventions that we have cut out of the series show the psychologist’s operation tending to allow a change in the initial opposing positions and a satisfactory solution for those involved.

Key words: Reproduction Techniques | Affiliation | Subjective impact

Interventions by a Hospital Psychologist in the Field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

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