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Volume 17 / Issue 1
September 2021
Ethical-political shorts and documentaries
ISSN 1553-5053


Before going underground, Emanuel Zunz swears that the person responsible for the embezzlement for which his life has been ruined is the manager of the company that had employed him until then. His daughter, who unreservedly decides to believe him, will keep the secret with stubborn hatred. Thus, from this and other details, Borges builds Emma Zunz, the story whose homonymous protagonist will encourage by conceiving a reckless plan with which to avenge the death (for her suicide) of her father, which occurred years after that decisive revelation. Previously, the young woman sells herself for a few pocket money to a rude sailor from the port, and then with the trace of ignominy still on her body, go to the previously arranged appointment. But once in front of the boss, the girl is invaded by the hatred that the recent humiliation has caused her and, omitting all mention of his deceased father, he unleashes the businessman two shots to knock him down first and one to finish him off later. Starting from wondering who Emma Zunz actually kills, the reader may find an unsuspected possibility..

Key words: body | parentage | sex | revenge

Emma Zunz: body and parentage

Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral

This article is, for the time being, only available in Spanish: Emma Zunz: cuerpo y filiación

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