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Volume 17 / Issue 1
April 2021
ISSN 1553-5053


The idea of encountering love destined, longed for, lost, is one of the myths of romantic love that has its roots in Plato’s Banquet. Alienation and then separation, the foundation of the subject, is at the base of this lost illusion. It is me in the Other and the Other in me, in an eternal mirage, now offered as a gadget for the biotechnology industry. The advancement of genetics produces us that state of vertigo and amazement (Ansermet, 2019) that leaves us on the edge of a confusional state. The promise of meeting my genetic family, the possibility of building the genetic family tree, the prenuptial study of the genetic mapping of my fiancé and finally, the chromosome screening of my future child are currently increasingly accessible and widespread practices. The planetary genetic databases are in an unstoppable growth flooding bioinformatic clouds with human nucleotide bases. If everything can be said by science and my destiny is locked in DNA, what place is there for subjective truth, desire or the encounter with differences. The only way out of this machinery of genetic decipherment seems to be serendipity, which in love and in science leaves open the chance field of the encounter with the cause.

Key words: biotechnology | genetics | destiny | serendipity

The One

This article is, for the time being, only available in Spanish: El Uno por Uno: entre el amor y la biotecnología

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